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A fun day..

Posted by peacelovechicken on 11/11/2008

So I have to imagine that there aren’t many places you can come to work, and when you return from lunch sit down and play Wii for 30 minutes.. Maybe if you worked for Google, but I dunno a whole lot of other places. Really cool IMO..

Something that’s been bugging me today is the fact that I can’t decide what I wanna do for school, I’ve been looking and looking and it’s so frustrating trying to decide on something to do. I wanna be done and be out, but I want to stay in the workforce as well. It’s just really been eating at me the past day or two. That and it’s killing me not to see and be with JP, she’s upset by it i’m kinda depressed from day to day. I’m trying to keep my head up because I know better days will come from this, and we are becoming stronger in our relationship with one another. I fall more and more in love with her each and every day. This has truly been an amazing experience.. We’re both trying to figure out a way to meet halfway on some weekends or something because 2 months is just killer to be without seeing one another. We shall see!

BUTTTT>>Tonight is concert night for me as well, I’M SO EXCITED!! My favorite band is at Phillips Arena tonight.
COLDPLAY!!! So I will most likely be writing about this later.
I’m going to be so wiped at work tomorrow, after gaming all last night & then a concert tonight (and prolly more gaming). whew, it’s gonna be rediculous! But it’s so worth it.

I’m off to the races for now,

peace love & chicken


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