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I have some AWESOME friends..

Posted by peacelovechicken on 02/12/2009

So lately i’ve just been bum, mostly for personal reasons. But i gotta say i have the best friends the few that i do have. & you should totally be jealous. Even the people i work with cease to make me smile everyday. I’ve been hanging out with some new people & haven’t done so much in quite a while & i have enjoyed the crap out of it. those of you who i’m talking about know who u are. I just want to tell you that you rock!!  

& even with this down stuff you have been there for me, though we are fresh friends i feel so close & like i can tell you anything already. I’m so glad that our paths have crossed and i hope they intertwine for a really really long time, you are truly an amazing person. thank you thank you thank you soo much!!

oh man, & next week i go to baltimore. first show of the year so here we go! the guys i work with have been kicking butt down at the warehouse, organizing stuff and getting a website started & stuff. It’s a new year with a lot of new potential. so please pray for us that we pick up some big clients again because right now and lately it’s just been really slow. i’m headed down friday to take some pics of all our soft goods and stuff so we can throw them on the web for all to see 🙂

i’ll try to write more, but sometimes i just get so lost in other stuff i forget but hey, i’m trying people i’m trying..

OH PS!!!!! check out my flickr, been working hard on getting it all uploaded and organized, still more work to be done but i’m getting there.    

until the next post enjoy this video!

peace, love and chicken


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