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Posted by peacelovechicken on 02/16/2009

Ok so I clicked on the “new post” button and then my iPod fell out of my lap and now I can’t find it cause my rooms dark & I’m way to lazy to turn on the lights. oh yea, Deja Vu is a cool movie. Anyways this was a fun weekend. Friday I went down to the warehouse and worked if you really wanna call it that. More like laughed and made fun of each other. Well I was staying the night down there cause we had to “work” again Saturday (we really did work saturday). Bob had to run sound for a concert. GRITS was playing, this was prolly the 4th time I’ve been at one of their shows and I still can’t understand what they say. When you swallow a microphone it doesn’t work.. Just FYI!!       So I ran around and took like 300+ pics and got some really good ones, I’ve been really impressed with my new camera.

Saturday rolled around and it was time to get crackin’. We packed an 18ft trailer front to back wall to wall and almost to the ceiling with gear for Baltimore. then put some more stuff in the Truck for Texas. quite a bit of gear going out next week. After all of that it was time to head to Atlanta to hang out with a friend. But i had heard there was a drift competition going on at turner field. Got a few cool pics there, but couldn’t stay as long as I wanted.

Then i had an awesome and fun night. i laughed and smiled more than i have in a really long time and it felt so good 😀 I have an amazing group of friends.. Especially the one i hung out with Saturday night, you just have no idea. I took like 300 more pics Saturday night. oh found my iPod incase you care..

THEN!! today i hung out with my friend Blaine ( everyone go visit and then come to her ART show next week.. Kthx. Anyways we went to the Barn where she keeps Luke her horse, it was Gorgeous. one of the bigger barns i’ve seen in this area. and i think i took like 800 pics. they are gorgeous & I love horses, it was so much fun today.

So all together i took over 1000 pictures this weekend. I think i narrowed them down to like 600 but I still think it’s ridiculous   for 3 days.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to Blaine’s website she truly has a gift for art. And you’re all invited to her show Next Week.


later KIDS!!


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