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Colorado Trip ’09

Posted by peacelovechicken on 03/04/2009

Vail Pano 2

Originally uploaded by Cagleicious

Wow what an amazing 5 days. It was supposed to be 4 but Atlanta decided to have snow, and we all know the whole state has to shut down for a day. But holy crap was it gorgeous, it’s beautiful country out west even more jaw dropping than I imagined it being.

I flew out Thursday and and waited on Tatum & DJ to get there a little later.
Then hit A-Basin on Friday morning. It snowed almost all day, probably didn’t get above 15 degrees. & there was fresh powder everywhere! Coming down the mountain through the trees the fresh pow was up to my knees. I’ve never seen anything like it! That night we had a fun little time in Breckenridge and walked around the town while we freezed our butts off.. Lord help it was cold out there!
Saturday was a beautiful beautiful day. Straight up Blue Bird day and what a better place to be than Vail. I haven’t seen so many trails to ski in my life, I felt like a little kid! Ok so maybe I am a little kid, but whatever you like me 😉
It was amazing, I don’t really even know where all I went but what I do know is that I got so far away from the Front Face of the Mountain it took me a good 45 Minutes between lift rides and skiing to make it back to the parking lot. That is absolutely INSANE!!! oh yea, our friend Sean bought a shirt with little baby chicks on it, some acorns and a squirrel and under it said “chicks line up to see my nuts” hey it made me laugh 😮
So Sunday rolls around and DJ and Taters flight is already cancelled. Mine was on time but not for long, so I had my flight switched to the next day with the others. We spent the night near Boulder and had soo much fun, I haven’t laughed that hard in a really long time and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Oh & some of the best Sushi I’ve ever had.. Nom Nom Nom!
Monday we spent the day in Boulder again, it was another gorgeous day. Walking around town in short sleeves and eating out in the sun. It was such a great way to end an even better trip.
I really hope to go back west to ski again, it was soo much fun and absolutely GORGEOUS!!

Check out some of my pics over to the right –> it’ll take you to my flickr page..

PS to my newest friends, YOU GUYS ROCK! I had so much fun with you guys 🙂 lets do it again.



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  1. tatumeubanks said

    you act there is a Colorado Trip ’10 planned or something..

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