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Colorado Trip ’09

Posted by peacelovechicken on 03/04/2009

Vail Pano 2

Originally uploaded by Cagleicious

Wow what an amazing 5 days. It was supposed to be 4 but Atlanta decided to have snow, and we all know the whole state has to shut down for a day. But holy crap was it gorgeous, it’s beautiful country out west even more jaw dropping than I imagined it being.

I flew out Thursday and and waited on Tatum & DJ to get there a little later.
Then hit A-Basin on Friday morning. It snowed almost all day, probably didn’t get above 15 degrees. & there was fresh powder everywhere! Coming down the mountain through the trees the fresh pow was up to my knees. I’ve never seen anything like it! That night we had a fun little time in Breckenridge and walked around the town while we freezed our butts off.. Lord help it was cold out there!
Saturday was a beautiful beautiful day. Straight up Blue Bird day and what a better place to be than Vail. I haven’t seen so many trails to ski in my life, I felt like a little kid! Ok so maybe I am a little kid, but whatever you like me 😉
It was amazing, I don’t really even know where all I went but what I do know is that I got so far away from the Front Face of the Mountain it took me a good 45 Minutes between lift rides and skiing to make it back to the parking lot. That is absolutely INSANE!!! oh yea, our friend Sean bought a shirt with little baby chicks on it, some acorns and a squirrel and under it said “chicks line up to see my nuts” hey it made me laugh 😮
So Sunday rolls around and DJ and Taters flight is already cancelled. Mine was on time but not for long, so I had my flight switched to the next day with the others. We spent the night near Boulder and had soo much fun, I haven’t laughed that hard in a really long time and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Oh & some of the best Sushi I’ve ever had.. Nom Nom Nom!
Monday we spent the day in Boulder again, it was another gorgeous day. Walking around town in short sleeves and eating out in the sun. It was such a great way to end an even better trip.
I really hope to go back west to ski again, it was soo much fun and absolutely GORGEOUS!!

Check out some of my pics over to the right –> it’ll take you to my flickr page..

PS to my newest friends, YOU GUYS ROCK! I had so much fun with you guys 🙂 lets do it again.



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dude, srsly?¿

Posted by peacelovechicken on 02/16/2009

Ok so I clicked on the “new post” button and then my iPod fell out of my lap and now I can’t find it cause my rooms dark & I’m way to lazy to turn on the lights. oh yea, Deja Vu is a cool movie. Anyways this was a fun weekend. Friday I went down to the warehouse and worked if you really wanna call it that. More like laughed and made fun of each other. Well I was staying the night down there cause we had to “work” again Saturday (we really did work saturday). Bob had to run sound for a concert. GRITS was playing, this was prolly the 4th time I’ve been at one of their shows and I still can’t understand what they say. When you swallow a microphone it doesn’t work.. Just FYI!!       So I ran around and took like 300+ pics and got some really good ones, I’ve been really impressed with my new camera.

Saturday rolled around and it was time to get crackin’. We packed an 18ft trailer front to back wall to wall and almost to the ceiling with gear for Baltimore. then put some more stuff in the Truck for Texas. quite a bit of gear going out next week. After all of that it was time to head to Atlanta to hang out with a friend. But i had heard there was a drift competition going on at turner field. Got a few cool pics there, but couldn’t stay as long as I wanted.

Then i had an awesome and fun night. i laughed and smiled more than i have in a really long time and it felt so good 😀 I have an amazing group of friends.. Especially the one i hung out with Saturday night, you just have no idea. I took like 300 more pics Saturday night. oh found my iPod incase you care..

THEN!! today i hung out with my friend Blaine ( everyone go visit and then come to her ART show next week.. Kthx. Anyways we went to the Barn where she keeps Luke her horse, it was Gorgeous. one of the bigger barns i’ve seen in this area. and i think i took like 800 pics. they are gorgeous & I love horses, it was so much fun today.

So all together i took over 1000 pictures this weekend. I think i narrowed them down to like 600 but I still think it’s ridiculous   for 3 days.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to Blaine’s website she truly has a gift for art. And you’re all invited to her show Next Week.


later KIDS!!

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I have some AWESOME friends..

Posted by peacelovechicken on 02/12/2009

So lately i’ve just been bum, mostly for personal reasons. But i gotta say i have the best friends the few that i do have. & you should totally be jealous. Even the people i work with cease to make me smile everyday. I’ve been hanging out with some new people & haven’t done so much in quite a while & i have enjoyed the crap out of it. those of you who i’m talking about know who u are. I just want to tell you that you rock!!  

& even with this down stuff you have been there for me, though we are fresh friends i feel so close & like i can tell you anything already. I’m so glad that our paths have crossed and i hope they intertwine for a really really long time, you are truly an amazing person. thank you thank you thank you soo much!!

oh man, & next week i go to baltimore. first show of the year so here we go! the guys i work with have been kicking butt down at the warehouse, organizing stuff and getting a website started & stuff. It’s a new year with a lot of new potential. so please pray for us that we pick up some big clients again because right now and lately it’s just been really slow. i’m headed down friday to take some pics of all our soft goods and stuff so we can throw them on the web for all to see 🙂

i’ll try to write more, but sometimes i just get so lost in other stuff i forget but hey, i’m trying people i’m trying..

OH PS!!!!! check out my flickr, been working hard on getting it all uploaded and organized, still more work to be done but i’m getting there.    

until the next post enjoy this video!

peace, love and chicken

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code is poetry?

Posted by peacelovechicken on 12/01/2008

I just learned from the WordPress iPhone app that Code is Poetry… I can see that, even though I know very little code. it can be beautiful & have far deeper meaning than one might realize.

I really wanna sleep but for some reason my brain is all over the place. I don’t like it 😦 so I figures I’d try iPhone blogging. as if my thumb muscles aren’t buff enough after playing XBOX for the past 4 days.. atleast I’m getting some kind of exercise after all that freaking food, but ohh it was so good. Nom nom nom, it just kept calling me. aahh!!

so did anyone else watch the Brittany Spears thing tonight? she seems to have turned around her life a little. I mean every famous person has to be a little loopy cause of all the paparatzi. that’s why when I’m around someone like that I just treat them like a normal person, or just don’t say anything at all.
after all they put their pants on the same way I do. I thought it was very well put together though. makes me glad to be me.

so in the words of Forest Gump “.. & that’s all I’ve got to say about that…”

til later..
peace out cub scout

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so yea..

Posted by peacelovechicken on 11/23/2008

last week was a good week, nothing really going on just the usual grind of a week in the life of mwa. We started shooting at the Station again, the sets pretty much done and looks soo much better. zomg. oh, and now i’m going to all 3 campuses at work during a week, so now i have more people to meet :o)

Hopefully this week and the weeks to come up to christmas will go by really fast cause that’s when I get to see Jillian. It really sucks that we can’t see each other for Thanksgiving but it just isn’t working out. She has her family duties, & I have mine this year. And we just didn’t plan anything out so it’s just all messed up and i feel really bad about it all, but it’s really to late to do much of anything. Next year though we’re planning on starting a rotation between the family’s on holiday’s like this. Christmas works out good because of the long holiday break with new year’s and all.

I’m so excited about Christmas this year, probably the most excited I’ve been in a few years. I’ve always had my parents and family to share it with, but no one as close to my heart as Jillian. I’m so excited to get to buy her stuff & maybe i’ll be lucky and sneak a surprise or two in on her. tehe. i’m really hoping to make up the lost time between us since we’ve been apart & to really make it up to her.. i think i’ll do pretty good!

so yea.. here we go onto another week, hopefully it’ll be as fun as the last. but who really knows, either it will or it won’t right?¿


‘uǝʞɔıɥɔ ǝʌol ǝɔɐǝd



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A fun day..

Posted by peacelovechicken on 11/11/2008

So I have to imagine that there aren’t many places you can come to work, and when you return from lunch sit down and play Wii for 30 minutes.. Maybe if you worked for Google, but I dunno a whole lot of other places. Really cool IMO..

Something that’s been bugging me today is the fact that I can’t decide what I wanna do for school, I’ve been looking and looking and it’s so frustrating trying to decide on something to do. I wanna be done and be out, but I want to stay in the workforce as well. It’s just really been eating at me the past day or two. That and it’s killing me not to see and be with JP, she’s upset by it i’m kinda depressed from day to day. I’m trying to keep my head up because I know better days will come from this, and we are becoming stronger in our relationship with one another. I fall more and more in love with her each and every day. This has truly been an amazing experience.. We’re both trying to figure out a way to meet halfway on some weekends or something because 2 months is just killer to be without seeing one another. We shall see!

BUTTTT>>Tonight is concert night for me as well, I’M SO EXCITED!! My favorite band is at Phillips Arena tonight.
COLDPLAY!!! So I will most likely be writing about this later.
I’m going to be so wiped at work tomorrow, after gaming all last night & then a concert tonight (and prolly more gaming). whew, it’s gonna be rediculous! But it’s so worth it.

I’m off to the races for now,

peace love & chicken

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